7s Medical customers can count on:

  • A full range portfolio: Over 2‘000 products (including implants and system solutions)
  • High quality: Clinically proven products
  • Cost efficiency: Attractive solutions for cost-conscious hospitals on premium level
  • Educational activities: Improving patient care and confidence of surgeon

OP Support

If you would like to have assistance for surgeries we offer competent OP support. We may train your operation team on new surgery systems before the operation and will be present during the surgery for immediate advice if requested. After the operation we are keen to receive your feedback on your experience with our products and welcome any recommendation for possible further development of our systems. To work closely with our customers to improve our products and services is of great importance to us.

Innovation Platform

Together with a global network of surgeons, engineers and product specialists we constantly work on new ideas and develop promising innovations. Efficient and flexible we want to contribute to the market for further development. Do you have a new idea or do you want to spur an ongoing project? We connect you with the right people to get your project realised – jointly we achieve your success.

Loan Sets – Trying before buying

Thanks to the availability of loan sets surgeons may try out 7s Medical products and instruments and become acquainted with the operation techniques.

If you want to try some of our products and instruments please contact us directly in order to discuss your wishes for the content of your personalized trial set. Rental periods will be determined upon request and following your operational activities.