Distal Radius Locking Plate

  1. Polyaxial locking
    • Polyaxial locking screws can be angled 15° in each direction.
    • Four columns of threads in the locking hole ensure polyaxial locking in the desired screw angle.
  2. Multiple distal locking options
    • Distal multi-hole design for fragment fixation of radial styloid and lunate facet as well as distal radioulnar joint.
  3. Three distal sizes to fit individual anatomy
    • Small: 20.0mm, Large: 22.0mm, Wide 25.5mm
  4. Individual fine contouring
    • Independent fine contouring of the radial and intermediate columns due to the two struts of the plate.
    • Wide window allows inspection of fracture lines.
  5. Low profile, anatomically pre-contoured
    • Anatomically contoured curve with excellent fit to distal radius.
  6. Temporary fixation
    • Kirschner wire holes for temporary fixation of the plate.
  7. Elongated hole for plate positioning
    • Elongated hole for better plate positioning and radius length adjustment.
  8. Twin Holes, locking or compression fixation
    • Locking or compression fixation provides more clinical choices.


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