Distal Humeral Locking Plate

Clavicular Plate

  1. Anatomically Precontoured
    For excellent fit to the distal humerus.
  2. Twin Holes, Locking or Compression Fixation
    Locking or compression fixation provides more clinical choices
  3. Locking Construct
    • Three 3.5 mm angular stable screws distally permit the fixation of extremely distal fractures.
    • Optimal fixation especially in osteoporotic bone.
    • 3.5 mm screw structure with angular stability for optimal load transfer.
  4. Reduced Contact to the Bone
    Limited contact design reduces the plate-to-bone contact and protects blood supply as well as periosteum.
  5. Low Profile, Distal Tapered End
    • Flat and rounded profiles minimize soft tissue irritation
    • Tapered tip for sub-muscular insertion
  6. Fixation options
    Two additional options for the fixation of the capitellum.


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