Pelvic Reconstruction

  1. A comprehensive system for the pelvis
    • Featuring anatomically contoured locking and non-locking implants in titanium.
  2. Unilateral Iliopubic Plate
    • The anatomical shape allows quick surgery of acetebular fractures involving the anterior wall and anterior column.
  3. Posterior Column Plate
    • Double-line design provides stronger reconstruction fixation for the posterior acetabular wall.
    • Horizontal hole design facilitates the angle adjustment for screw insertion to prevent penetrating the acetabular joint.
  4. Press Plate
    • Press Plate can be flexibly placed.
  5. Anterior/Posterior Surface Quadrangular Plate
    • Quadrangular Plates with spikes provide additional individual options for fracture reduction and fixation.
  6.  Posterior Wallplate
    • Anatomical shape allows quick surgery.
    • Ideal in connection with Unilateral Iliopubic Plate for reconstruction of the acetabulum.
  7. Anterior Sacroiliac Joint Plate
    • Due to the shape of the head, only one plate is required to fix the sacroiliac joint. The long shaft of the plate gives additional stability and option to fix possible fractures of the Ilium.


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Certain products are not available in certain countries. Please check for your country below:

7s Medical products are generally not available in the USA, Australia and Japan (please ask specifically for other countries outside of Europe, the Middle East and Africa). Additionally plates indicated as Twin Hole or containing Twin Hole are not available in France, Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy. Nails named as PERICLES are not available in Germany, France, UK, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Nails named as EOS are not available in France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy and Spain. For other products please ask your 7s Medical representative.