Titanium Elastic Nail

  1. Symmetrical Bracing Action
    Two elastic nails of the same diameter are insertd into the metaphysis / medullary canal.
  2. Appropriate Stability and Flexibility
    Axial, tranlational, flexual and rotational stability is provided by bearing of the elastic nail against the inner bone at three points and a bending moment that is caused through elastic deformation.
  3. Rapid Bone Healing
    Child-specific bone-healing properties such as more rapid bone building are considered.
  4. Minimally Invasive Technique
    Facilitates operation and reduces post-surgical pain, allowing immediate mobilization and weight bearing.
  5. Different Sizes
    Five different diameters (2 – 4 mm).
  6. End Caps
    Prevent ingrowth of tissue and facilitates nail extraction.


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