EOS II Distal Femoral Nail


  1. Spiral blade locking Significantly larger bearing surface provides:
    • Optimised load distribution.
    • High purchase in osteoporotic bone.
    • Reduced risk of nail protrusion into the knee joint. For complex fractures and/or osteoporotic bone.
  2. Spiral blade locking
    • Two locking screws φ6.0 mm.
    • Angular stable locking of the distal locking screw. For less complex fractures with good bone quality.
  3. Length
    Different length (160 mm – 400 mm) for different indications.
  4. 90° Cross Locking
    Provides higher angular stability in the proximal end.
  5. Proximal Aiming Platform
    To increase locking accuracy.
  6. Anatomic Design
    Anatomic design corresponds to the physiological curvature of the medullary cavity for easier insertion.
  7. Double Lead Design
    All locking screws designed with double lead thread for easier insertion. (combined advantages of screws with high pitch and high grip)
  8. Angular Stability through End Cap
    End cap (long) enables angular stability of the spiral blade, prevents bone ingrowth into the distal end of the nail and facilitates the nail removal.



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