Headless Compression Screws

  1. Headless design
    • Headless design allows the screw implantation in and around articular regions with minimal soft tissue irritation or risk of interference.
  2. Cannulated, for accurate insertion
    • Cannulated design facilitates accurate percutaneous insertion with minimal soft tissue damage.
  3. Gradual compression through variable thread pitch
    • The wider thread pitch at the tip of the screw penetrates the bone faster than the finer trailing threads, compressing the two fragments gradually as the screw is advanced.
  4. Fully threaded
    • Fully threaded screw provides a higher holding force resulting in increasing stability.
  5. Sharp cutting flutes
    • Sharp cutting flutes in the screw tip facilitate screw insertion.
  6. Modular system
    • Instrument set with modular system for different screw diameters.


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