ARTEMIS II 6.0 Spine System

  1. Reliable system with wide range of screws
    • Artemis II 6.0 is a reliable and flexible system for the spine. It features a lean instrument set for ease of handling. The system’s low profile helps to minimize soft tissue irritation.
    • The system offers a wide range of pedicle screws, both in monoaxial and polyaxial design, featuring classic or long arm screw heads.
  2. Top-loading for easy rod introduction
    • Artemis II 6.0 screws feature top-loading screw heads for easy rod introduction during surgery.
  3. Polyaxial screw head
    • The polyaxial screw head design offers strong angular stability with 36° of angulation in all directions.
  4. Self-tapping screws
    • The self-tapping thread of ARTEMIS II 6.0 Pedicle Screws enables rapid insertion into the spine.
  5. Conical core design
    • The conical core is designed to provide optimal pull out strength to create a stable segment.
  6. Nut
    • Reverse angle thread locking mechanism.
    • Square thread design minimizes cross threading under high reduction loads and off-axis techniques.
  7. Hex-end rods aid in rod rotation
    • The rods feature a hex-end for easy rod rotation and adjustment.
  8. 6.0mm Transconnector I & II
    • Transconnectors allow the linkage of unilateral spinal constructs for better stability. Available in straight  and angled variants.


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