Titanium Mesh

  1. Pure titanium mesh
    • The pure titanium mesh feature an open design with a rigid grid structure. This allows for spinal fusion of vertebral bodies.
  2. Cervical spine options
    • The titanium mesh are available for the cervical spine from lengths of 18 mm up to 78 mm with different diameters ranging from 10 mm to 14 mm.
  3. Thoracic-lumbar options
    • In the thoracic-lumbar spine, the mesh range from 36 mm to 90 mm in length and from 18 mm to 28 mm in diameter.
  4. Angled or parallel end caps
    • The mesh are closed off by end caps coming in two variants. They are designed to allow spinal alignment restoration and provide subsidence resistance, as well as securing bone graft material inside the mesh structure. The angle is either 0° or 2.5° for the cervical mesh end caps and either 0° or 5° for thoracic-lumbar mesh end caps.
  5. Optimized end cap structure
    • The end caps feature a pyramidal structure for maximized surface area to prevent slippage on the vertebral endplates.
  6. Mesh set
    • The mesh set includes the necessary instruments to successfully complete a titanium mesh implantation. Included instruments are a cancellous bone impactor, a mesh cutter, an implant holder, an impactor for mesh and a calliper. The instruments are complemented with mesh implant cases, all inside the same set.
  7. Set content
    • The set consists of three trays with five implant cases sorted by diameter (10 mm, 12 mm/14 mm, 18 mm, 21 mm and 24 mm/28 mm). The instruments for cervical and thoracic- lumbar spine are situated on separate trays for ease of use.


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